Care Accommodations

Care Accommodations

As such CFYI community care Pvt Ltd does not offer any permanent care accommodations unless requested by our client. Our care accommodations come with care support by our staff and are not provided just as accommodations itself. We provide a variety of living alternatives, including private rooms, shared flats, or group homes, all of which are suited to each client’s particular needs. Our accommodations come with skilled carers available around-the-clock to help with everyday tasks, medication administration, and personal care etc.

Temporary living arrangements at specialised care facilities for those who need short-term care and support are referred to as short-term accommodations. These accommodations are made to offer aid and services for a short time, such as personal care, medical support, and supervision. They provide care for those who are recovering from sickness or surgery, need respite care, or are in a transitional stage before entering long-term care.

What’s Included in STA?

  • 24/7 support from highly trained staff
  • fully accessible environment
  • accommodation open throughout holiday breaks and public holidays
  • accommodation available for all ages
  • overnight stay, short stays, and extended stays available
  • nutritious and balanced meals throughout the day, including breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner
  • social activities, excursions, at home activities and much more

In specialised care facilities, temporary living solutions for people who need care and support for a medium amount of time are referred to as medium-term accommodations. These accommodations are made to give people who might need longer-term care but don't want a long-term commitment a supportive environment and amenities including personal care, medical assistance, and social activities.

Clients who require interim accommodation while they wait for their more permanent residence to be completed or made usable may use MTA. For example, it might be applied in the following situations:

  • Transitional housing for young individuals who might enter (or desire to leave) an assisted living facility
  • Clients who are prepared to leave the hospital but are awaiting the installation of home modifications, assistive technology, or support equipment.
  • Clients want to remain somewhere while they wait for a vacancy or for a development to be finished

In the absence of their family care, clients who need assistance and supervision can get temporary care and support through respite care. It guarantees the care recipient's health, security, and comfort while the family carer is away. Respite can be provided in client’s own home or in an accommodation provided by CFYI community care Pvt Ltd.

We recognise that family members occasionally require a break and may find it difficult to strike a balance between their caring obligations and their own needs. We can assist you with your respite care needs whether it's a planned break for your carer or an urgent circumstance that arises on short notice.